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Cobwebs on live rock?



Good Morning Tony,
I’m not sure if you’re the correct person to ask but I can’t find an answer for this.
My tank is 320 litre and been set up for almost 5 months, all the levels, PH, Ammonia, Nitrates, Nitrites & salinity etc is spot on, which I check regularly.
However, recently I have been seeing a cobweb like substance covering the power heads, heater and live rocks; it’s been like this for a week now and doesn’t appear to be affecting the fish, the hermits or anything else.
I‘ve got in the tank:
30 kilos of live rock
5 chromis
1 tank bred clown fish
2 gobys
2 feather duster worms
15-20 hermit crabs
2 sand sifter star fish
3 emerald crabs
2 shrimp
2 turbo snails
I’ve got the brown algae which seems to be disappearing now and everything seems healthy enough and has done for a while. People on the internet forums say its sandworms, webs made from the turbo snails, vomit from the live rocks or vomit from the feather duster worms but I cannot find a definitive answer.
My only concern is that it will not harm the tanks cycle and everything in the tank, I suppose without a picture you wouldn’t know what it is but from your knowledge, have you heard of this cobweb like substance?
Best Regards


Hi Andy
The web like substance could be due to a few things including bacterial mulm but in your case
it sounds as if the webs are being cast by vermetid snails.
See the following online article for more info:
They are quite harmless so no need to worry.
regards Tony
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