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Deltec's huge new skimmer, the TC 6530

Deltec's new uber skimmer the TC 6530!!  This beast of a skimmer is capable of handling aquaria of up to 50'000L !!!

Some say if you stand too close it doubles up as a Liposuction device. Stand closer still and brace yourself for an impromptu enema!



Technical Data

Footprint - 1030x800mm

Footprint with pipe work - 1100x900mm

Total height (with cleaning system) - 2640mm (3280mm)

Height under outlet pipe - 1650mm

Required water feed - 20.000 – 25.000 l

Power consumption - 750 Watt

Air volume - 12.500 l/h

Aquarium size - Up to 50.000 l

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