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Kalkwasser reactor fitted below the tank ?


Can the KM500T Kalkwasser Stirrer be placed below the tank which it is 

I have a Red Sea Max 250 and don't have a sump so I want to use my auto top 
off plus a timer to feed through the Kalk Stirrer to replace evaporated water 
into the aquarium.

Iam unsure but I know some stirrers must be placed above the tank that they 
feed into but don't know the reason for this.

If not is there some sort of hang on bracket that can hold the stirrer in 
position at the rear of my tank?



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Refractometer calibration

Hello. I purchased the H2Ocean refractometer along with a Sybon  calibration fluid. If I calibrate it with reverse osmosis water it does not  properly match up the the sybon fluid calibration. all samples are room  temperature. The calibration fluid is set at 35ppt. It is showing a difference of 4 or 5 ppt. My thought is to trust the calibration fluid over  the RO water sample as that is what the tank water should be at. Do you have  any suggestions?

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Skimmate reduction caused by lack of waste ?

Can you tell me if the mce600 slows down in skimmate production if their is not a sufficiant amount of nutrients in the water.

The reason i ask this is because my 6 month old skimmer slowed way down in production,i have done all the nessary cleaning and still not much skimmate,

I ran it in a bucket and with the amount of skimmate in the collection cup i poured it into the bucket and the skimmer went into overdrive,any help?

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H2Ocean salt Mixing residue

When i mix my h2o d+d salt it leaves a brownish residue on the pump and in the bin which i use for mixing.
I do use ro water and water is fine. I do mix the buckets of salt as the instruction say before making any salt water mix. Was wondering if this is a 
on going problem that others are having as well. And it happen with a couple of different buckets. Please can you give me a answer if you know about this 
problem I love the salt but don't like that problem and if there is a problem with me using the salt. I don't want it to cause problem with my corals

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MCE300 skimmer query

 i have had my mce 300 since october 2010 and it has been sogood and so quiet that i have checked to make sure it was still running,but recently we had a power cut and when the power came back on,the skimmer was rattling and was really loud not only this it has been filling the collection cup as it was pumping so much air and water up into the cup in about 5 mins, i have checked that there is no air or calcium in the pump and checked that all  the pipes etc have not got any blockages, could this be a problem with the impellor and shaft or the pump or is there another underlying problem

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