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Kalkwasser reactor fitted below the tank ?



Can the KM500T Kalkwasser Stirrer be placed below the tank which it is 

I have a Red Sea Max 250 and don't have a sump so I want to use my auto top 
off plus a timer to feed through the Kalk Stirrer to replace evaporated water 
into the aquarium.

Iam unsure but I know some stirrers must be placed above the tank that they 
feed into but don't know the reason for this.

If not is there some sort of hang on bracket that can hold the stirrer in 
position at the rear of my tank?




Dear Mr xxxxxx

As the Kalkwasser reactors are open systems they cannot be placed below the
aquarium I'm afraid.

If you placed it below the tank water would leak out of the top reactor instead
of being pumped upward.

As the reactors are sump based we don't offer any hanging solutions I'm afraid.
You may be able to sit the unit on a shelf above the water level if you could
conceal it however.

Regards Tony

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