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Skimmate reduction caused by lack of waste ?


Can you tell me if the mce600 slows down in skimmate production if their is not a sufficiant amount of nutrients in the water.

The reason i ask this is because my 6 month old skimmer slowed way down in production,i have done all the nessary cleaning and still not much skimmate,

I ran it in a bucket and with the amount of skimmate in the collection cup i poured it into the bucket and the skimmer went into overdrive,any help?


Dear Mr Mc Carthy

Yes you are correct, if there isn't much protienaceous waste in the water
the skimmer wont be able to skim it out.

When cleaning the pump also remember to clean the air venturi by hand,
this link should help.

Changes in water tension caused by some additive or foods can also cause lack of skimming
but you would also see a collapse of the foam head in this case.

regards Tony

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